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2 years ago
softheartclinic 2 years ago

Such a cute Halloween theme! I always forget changing themes by season is a thing until I see others do it.

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i'm going to be updating my neocities network page at some point (as it's super outdated), so please let me know if you've linked me and i haven't returned the favor!
undeadredhead 2 years ago

Meee! The button for my old url flowerfuck is still on your page, but obvs I've changed it now. Damn I love your halloween layouts!

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rxqueen 2 years ago

updated! and thanks! <3

Yo! The domain name was bought a while ago by another person, which means that my button on your network page is pointing to the wrong website. Just noticed that *.*
lmbdfn 2 years ago

Btw cool layout

rxqueen 2 years ago

fixed! and thanks! :)

still have stuff i wanna do with it but the new layout is up!
futureperfect 2 years ago

Yes! Love the Halloween theme.

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feel bad abandoning this place but a. i haven't had inspiration and b. i have a job now that takes up a lot of my free time (i'm grateful to have it but yeah) :/
please read and sign this petition for george floyd:
RX Queen V7 was updated.
3 years ago
0x07 3 years ago

There is so much awesome work in here that I did not even know where to start clicking! The journal seemed like a good place to start... :)))

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rxqueen 3 years ago

Thank you! And haha I just archived my journal entries so it's pretty empty in there now.

1 like buddy! Super :)
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