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I don't want a website, I want the Vampire Freaks forum to come back to life.
Patron saint of overthinking and identity disturbances
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Attempting to find the balance between fucked up horror stuff and kawaii pixel art stuff is like my entire mission in life.
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6 months ago
I kinda don't know what I wanna do with my site anymore. I have a carrd for my profeshunall art shit now and I have miles to go before any music is ready to record. I haven't written in my Dreamwidth blog for like two years. Idk I feel stumped. Code block.
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I came across an awesome blogging software thing that looked like it would work pretty easily with Neocities, but did I bookmark it? No. Can I remember any tiny scrap of identifying info that would assist with a google search? Also no. Fuck.
americasdecline 1 year ago

One of the rare moments where I'm grateful for cookies haha.

triptych 1 year ago

browser history?

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