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i'm on a custom domain now ! :3
I realized upon looking back at my journal/diary that due to 1. I only upload here when the writing is good and 2. I write the best when I'm a bit miserable I decided to make an update post about the things that have been going on recently <3
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hellspit 5 months ago

Especially since my last post was right after the "woo I got on T post", did not think about how that might appear xP I also added to the journal disclaimer to clarify that "i am actually fine I'm just never here"

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hm. think i might redo some of the likes page - i don't disagree with it necessarily but it has so much of my 18-year-old brain wrapped up in it (the earlier ones namely, like neopronouns + leftist degeneracy) that the wordings not quite how i would put it now lmfao
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i remembered i had some fixes that i never uploaded - so the letter sets + ages should be fixed now, i just need to do the actual character stuff
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"ugh my character pages are kinda lame. i should change them" says guy who still hasn't completed half of those pages in like 4 years
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hellspit 7 months ago

i may still change them bc i genuinely think i could do better but at the same time i should probably at least have this version finished first LFMAO

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changed the journal layout, added rss feeds to the writing and journal pages, and added new entries to both ! <3

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