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oudkee 4 hours ago

housekeeping because some of my code was a mess OOPS and spruced up a bunch of my tutorials. if anyone uses my site template i wanna See...

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hardmachine 21 hours ago

Your art is so cool!!

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oudkee 5 hours ago

thank you so much hardmachine!!! hearing that means a lot to me <3

your graphics are awesome :ooo howd you make them!? the one on the landing is especially cool, same with the purplish pink images!!
oudkee 1 day ago

thank you so much!! i do my pixel graphics in photoshop, there is a tutorial in my tutorial page! the rest of my art is done with paint tool sai and photoshop with a mouse ^_^

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oudkee 1 week ago

new 88x31 button, pokemon shrine was redone and a bit of a fresh look for my art page. still not sure how i want to redo my ds9 shrine yet

oudkee 1 week ago

o yeah AND i need to re-add something to my tutorial page (code for randomized images)

kinda want to delete my pokemon and animal crossing shrines 🙄 and i wanna redo my ds9 shrine from scratch
oudkee 2 weeks ago

i just feel like pokemon pages are overdone on neocities and i have nothing new to bring to the table in that regard. but idk what shrine i would build 2 replace it with

cyberneticdryad 2 weeks ago

i think there are a lot of them too, which is probably why they were the first couple shrines i built myself, but also i feel like shrines are for you more than anyone else!  mine are mostly rambles (and screenshots for newer games).  i do love going to everyone's pokemon shrines to see their favs and when they started playing and what the franchise means to them. it's like a little tendril of connection.

am i the only one that obsessively goes thru all the fanlistings and webrings i'm in just to see my own username and be like. hey... that me (:
hatsu 3 weeks ago

omg thats so me

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