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yo did that aromatic clique site get deleted? : (
beanbottles 5 days ago

it still seems to work for me when i open the link!

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honeycitron 5 days ago

weird, i get an invalid response error page!!! it could totally be chrome being weird tho

honeycitron 5 days ago

no it doesn't work on my other browser either! do they have an email i can contact them at

beanbottles 5 days ago

the owner of the site, Rin, can be contacted here:

gutz 5 days ago

is this the url you're accessing for it? iirc it was on a different domain before but was moved?

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honeycitron 4 days ago

hey, yeah this is the link i'm using! still receiving an invalid response, also thank u bean for the email!

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hey :D i added your button to my site too! i've been checking up on your site every once in a while, and it's progressing super cute-ly; can't wait to see where it goes
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honeycitron 1 week ago

thank u so much omg!!! was incredibly super inspired by your home page, it got me thinking about how to use containers like that!!

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bean's bottle was updated.
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