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hi everyone! the domain name on this site is about to expire, and i haven't been using it enough to justify that renewal. i've moved to self*-hosting (using Contabo right now for a server). i may go in and fix the links on here, but... bleh. sorry.
pre-dead 2 weeks ago

cancelled my supporter subscription for the same reason. i like neocities as a sandbox and will definitely continue using the service to mess around with html a bit and as storage, but yeaaaa... i'll make another post here when the new site is out of the real baby stages.

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happy 2nd birthday website. grateful for what i learned making this page, for the people who enjoy it, and for the easy templates its archives have left me with. hope everyone is doing alright out there in cyberspace :)
site birthday in nine days.........
pre-dead 2 months ago

thank you genuinely to the 99 people who follow this site. makes me happy because all i've ever done here and on my other sites is work i have been proud of. please consider checking out if you wanna see what i've been up to ☮

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letslearntogether 2 months ago

I am the invisible 100th follower. 😄

pre-dead 5 months ago

i broke this by trying to fix it. oops. im harvesting organs over here sorry!!

Hi! This site has unfortunately become a cluttered mess of ancient wreckage. Trying to resolve this always leads to reworking the whole site. I have a lot of pages "archived", so within the directory but placed so inconveniently it's hard to create any cohesiveness within the structure. Not sure if that makes sense. Anyway ugh I want to do more work on neocities. but it may require moving on. stay tuned, i guess...
techromancy 6 months ago

carrying on my work here, but i haven't done much for a while.

oops, domain expired
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