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Thanks for the follow, there.
geouniversal 1 year ago

your page is sick!

rvklein 1 year ago

Thanks. I appreciate it.

geouniversal 1 year ago

i'm really into your ideogramma icon collection. it's so nice

rvklein 1 year ago

geouniversal: I'm flattered. Each icon took a while. Some of the visual metaphors are my own creations, some are quite standard, and some are even based off of program icons (like tools/commands you would find in inkscape, blender, or a bitmap image manipulation app).

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rvklein 1 year ago

I also studied the book "Dictionary of Symbols" by Carl G Liungman quite extensively, as it has many interesting visual metaphors which are not seen or used in modern times or in unicode at all.

geouniversal 1 year ago

I don't think I've seen a bandaid in the same set as a snap to midpoint icon. so much diversity but still feels like every piece belongs

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