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sadgrl layout spotted...pitbull GO
free-butterfly 1 month ago

Honestly people using sadgrl layouts in order to start up their site is fine but most of them treat it like carrd 2.0 which makes it boring as hell. I don't want to read about you I want to see that niche game from the 1990s that you're obsessed with.

enflicted 1 month ago

I think sadgrl's layouts are fine, if you're going to copy the code into an editor and pick away at it, change things, see what does what, but if you copy/paste and that's it? That's bad practice in my opinion, you never learn the code, and everyone's website starts looking the same.

zinportal 1 month ago

Unfortunately that’s a side effect of the 90-9-1 distribution: some people want to participate, but they can’t produce but memes/copycats of existing stuff. In my opinion, such situation is unavoidable

new site button. might be better for sites with a lighter color pallete. based off of the arg
holy shit. there i am, linked to on an article that is REALLY fucking good. it's an honor. this site fucks severely, love your morals and what you say. keep it up. o7
aehse 1 month ago

I don't really know how to answer this, so I'm very sorry for the late reply. Just know that it was very important to me, beyond any way a mere "like" can convey c:

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