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I wanted to wait to switch over all pages when I got them all done with the new layout, but I'm impatient lol. Art page is switched over with 2023 art added.
I keep looking around to see if there's ~easy~ ways to go about doing t he blog / journal stuff here, but I then realize, I need to stop being stubborn and just--- frickin. Hand scratch do it myself if I want it the way I want it laughs (not like I'm looking for social features with it anyway, so like........)
shadowfae 1 month ago

well, what sort of stuff were you thinking? :O

screw it, redoing the layout time out of sheer.......... bouncing between things energy wheezes
mirrorteru 1 month ago

(i'm barely starting on it and also not doing it straight on neocities, but still)

i have the urge to completely redo this site despite not even having it finished yet hghghg. orobably won't tho since it'd be a lot and i am still more focused on concealed errors, but
shadowfae 2 months ago

ouch, F in chat for you, happens to the best of us

I DIDN'T REALIZE I WAS PUT INTO THE POKERING YET????? that was back in january oh my god whoops
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thenri 5 months ago

Oh. I am really really sorry about your loss. I'm shocked.

shadowfae 5 months ago

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I hope the next few months come easy to you. <3

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