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Yoo, puddle! I can't believe you're on, neocities! I've been watching your stuff forEVER! I remember when you used to make animation memes, and I really loved nvrlyalone its one of my fave projects of yours! I hope your still workin' on graveyard shift (or was it called nightshift) and your Christmas project!
blissnet 1 week ago

Apology for typos I was just excited (*☉౪ ⊙。)ノ lul

itpuddle 1 week ago

AAAAAAAA THANK U SO MUCH!!! 😭 THIS MADE ME EMOTIONAL LMAO - I'm still workin on GS!! It got picked up by a studio which later dropped its animation department 😢 I got the rights back so I'm starting over on it all by myself lololol

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