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anyway this is not a place for drama, the next time someone tries to start shit on this literal webhost im going to lose it
arseniccatnip33 2 weeks ago

like for example if you have the audacity to try and hurt a literal 12 year old on here just get the fuck out of here and get a twitter account or something

hey, im really sorry about whats happening to you. i dont think thats really dokodemo, dokodemo is chill. thats likely some sort of impersonator. take as much time as you need away from neocities, at this age youll probably be easily hurt on the internet like this. be careful, okay?
psychonauts 2 weeks ago

^^^ !! i know for sure at ur age i was hurt by ppl like that, and im so, so sorry this is all happening to u. try to distract urself by playing roblox n stuff!! <3

chipsfunfun 2 weeks ago

thank you! everything is good, doko is chill, and I’ve already learned my lesson about the internet lol!!! Ty!!!

44nifty 2 weeks ago

the fuck is going on

arseniccatnip33 2 weeks ago

@44nifty a dokodemo impersonator tried to make chip think doko was angry at him...for some reason? i have a feeling i know who it is but i'll try not to make assumptions

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hiiii this website rocks :33 ive been following tkyw for a while and its so good
triflerlab 1 month ago

ooc: omg tysmmmmm


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