a blue planet that isn't the earth (undergoing renovations!)

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visitblueplanet 1 month ago

best 404 page ever

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would you guys be ok with it if i were to change the name of my website? i want to make something different
how was your week, neocities?
badgersaurus 1 month ago

Kinda crappy but we shmove i suppose

your layout is like one of the layouts ever (very cool i want to eat it)
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hey! thanks for the follow!
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hello everyone just wanted to say that I won't be updating my website so soon. Don't expect any updates for the following month (my april schedule is completely filled) so yeah...i guess you can call this an "hiatus"? idk i still visit neocities almost daily to check out the updates on other sites i follow :P i just wont be updating my own site
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does anyone know why the youtube iframes don't work anymore on my site? it's being a huge bummer for me
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i do plan on finally updating my index page, but it might take a while. still need to work on it and think a little more on how i want it to look...well i also been wanting to update and tweak a few things on my website here and there, but that will all take a while. im just rambling and thinking out loud really lmao
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