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miela583 5 months ago

The greenhouse page is really lovely!

Hi, everyone! I had to disable the automatic moderation on the htmlcommentbox widget in the Comment Café. If you posted a comment prior to the test message I just posted in there, unfortunately I was not able to approve it and I'm not sure why.
robotrights 5 months ago

I may have goofed something up, but it only allowed me to hit a ⛔ button... I'd tried hitting the ✅ button to approve comments but, after pushing it, the button disappeared and the comment(s) still weren't registering as being 'posted'.

Update: after also looking through some fun new domains, I saw "" was available and scooped it up - rather than a café, this site will (soon) be a robot-themed hangout with flowers and plants! I'm excited.
alan460 5 months ago

woooow! I can't wait!

Hi, all! How would people feel about either a lounge-type page dedicated to a 'robot café' or a redo of the homepage which replaces ROM "the blogger is in" bot and its booth with the robot café imagery (ROM will be moved to the 'contact' page)... thoughts? Feedback?
miela583 5 months ago

A robot café sounds like a really charming idea, regardless of where it would be placed.

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feelingmachine 5 months ago

robot cafe :) im here for it

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