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e-wizard 6 days ago

I reverted this update. I tried writing a Python script to generate webpages for me based on a modified version of Markdown I use, but it removed all my headers. This makes no sense to me; the headers worked fine in tests!!

e-wizard 6 days ago

Ok, re-instated the update! Cool-stuff is now available to view as generated by my Python code! You can see a few odd mistakes at the top, but once those are ironed out I'll start converting my other websites into txt files to be used with my code. After I'm done that, I think I'll redesign my landing page to have a cool door and some torches. I've held off on making my website awesome long enough.

e-wizard 6 days ago

Fuck it, I'm gonna mess my site up.

e-wizard 1 week ago

Weirdly enough, I can't get my site to work on my main browser (Firefox). This might be because of privacy settings and extensions. I'm looking into it.

e-wizard 1 week ago

Completely changed the colourscheme and added some cool new boxes to hold my text. Fixed dead links, renamed a site, improved load time of webring.html, added icons to index, added tab icons to everything. Credit for components of the tab icons are in index.html

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