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E-Wizard was updated.
2 months ago
e-wizard 2 months ago

Need to fix some mark-up issues with the Credits page.

E-Wizard was updated.
8 months ago
e-wizard 8 months ago

Trying to get some css stuff to work. Also, my first update from a mobile device! I've been sick the past week so I haven't been able to use my desktop PC much, which is frustrating, but I'm glad I can update from here.

e-wizard 8 months ago

Things I think I changed: I removed the very inaccurate date in the footer since I keep forgetting to change it when I update. I also removed the footer itself since it's redundant. I added a hidden section above my "about" that's called a "hero section" on web design blogs. It's a flashier part of a website that's designed to attract attention, and I'll enable it once I've got some writing out.

e-wizard 8 months ago

Btw the /quizzes page is meant to be hidden until a special event, so that's why it's not on the home page

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