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finished redoing my art gallery's layout :] crazy how the tiniest little bit of extra html/css knowledge made it so much easier for me to organize it. it would've shown up on a proper update post but i fucked up the html file for it and blew it up. whoops. you know how it is
TY FOR THE FOLLOW i looove your site's theming. why so greens
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alphacentauri 4 days ago

aaa thank you!!

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love the sound effects on this site they make clicking on things sooooo fun :]
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sonicthehedgehog2006 1 week ago

THANK YOU!! theyre from sonic heroes! that game had such amazing sound design its so iconic to me :DD

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sansmaeda 1 week ago

meant to make that blog page a lot sooner i just get so distracted forever. but its finally done. yayyyyy

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need to fix up my art gallery's structure a little but there are so many files. and i am so lazy. we'll get there soon though

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