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I absolutely love your site layout; it's so simple and effective!! Also wow, those dataset gif collages are amazing. I feel inspired to make one!
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8 months ago
ninacti0n 8 months ago

It's very interesting how the painterly side of your style makes the glitch aspect of your pieces even creepier... it's a neat touch, I dig it! :]

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11 months ago
ninacti0n 11 months ago

Not gonna lie, you actually fooled me with those xD I didn't read the name of the HTML when I clicked, so I thought they were legit lol. For real, congrats for pulling off all these visuals and animations all on your own!! Fantastic 3D work there! ⚡

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12 months ago
decamarks 12 months ago

v1.01 CHANGELOG: — Added mycrt.html, artfight.html, bkmn.html, and tuckamore.html — All pages now have version numbers!

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