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HI where are people learning Javascript for Webby Site Design? I don't know where to start!
jettsecret 4 months ago

idk how much I can help with this since I learned a ton of programming in courses, but usually I suggest just trying some stuff. It's time consuming, but it's more fun that way. So if you want to create a popup panel (not like the alert function) break it down into things you want to have happen, eg: a hidden panel becoming visible. Then from there its googling a LOT. How do I set a display with javascript?

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jettsecret 4 months ago

How do I get an element to edit? etc. And of course common programming things like "what is a variable javascript?". w3 schools is a good starting place, but you could also mess aroung in something like this:

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jettsecret 4 months ago

And of course, great thing about web stuff, you can right click on a page and use the inspector tools to look at other peoples site code. I have a lot of js code in my /pages/index.html file so you could see whats going on there. You can also always ask me questions!! :)

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jettsecret 4 months ago

oh conveniently a person I follow posted this:

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nervadosia 3 months ago

a good place to start if you have something specific you know you wanna do is to look through w3bschools, i also like to look through github to find refrences for what i wanna do

Ooh, nice seeing more peeps who use MS Paint to art >:] I like the vibes of your site, they have a different kind of aesthetic lol- kinda retro, but also cartoonish! Good luck with your comic ^^
beebfreeb 4 months ago

Thank you so much! I adore both the simplicity and the hidden complexity of MS Paint... and the beauty of small image sizes :-D Much of my site's design is influnced by my lack of knowledge in javascript, but hey, I'm happy with how it looks!

WOAH!!! Your art is super cool :-D I was looking through your gallery and I adore the 60s-y mascot character you have in there. The design of the site itself is also really neat, there's a lot of personality and a very cool theming!
freakphone 4 months ago

:-D Thank you sm for the kind message!!

uh oh i broke half the images on didl
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beebfreeb 5 months ago

ALRIGHT that should be resolved. please let me know if anything remains broken or odd!

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