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was scrolling through your page and saw that we share a lot of interests RAHH!! always fun to see someone who likes similar things :3
finding someone who not only likes bucky, but likes twin peaks and hannibal too!! I feel like my head is going to explode from awesomeness. your site is so cool!! I will admit I'm not as well versed with comic bucky as I am with movie bucky, but I defintely want to look into the comics more. hope you have a lovely day!!
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buckys 1 day ago

hey thank u! i haven't been on in a long time and really need to update 😅. thank u for the kind words!! also very cool site, re-animator and hannibal are god-tier <3

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wolfsite 1 day ago

thank you!! I look forward to your updates!! :3

just saw your new layout!! it is soo cool and really fun to navigate :3 I love it!
snipchu 5 days ago

thank you!! :D

gosh, I was just looking through your site again and I love it so much. the colors, layout, and everything are so pleasing to look at
alphacentauri 1 week ago

omg thank you so much!! i really like your site too and can't wait to see the new updates!

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wolfsite 1 week ago

yay!! thank you!! :3

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making everything from scratch or building off of my own code is so satisfying. hoping that if I can take an html class in the future I can take it even further! I genuinely love coding so much. It's so fun figuring everything out
I honestly have found that I like editing more within neocities than going back and forth between brackets like I did before
yourpuppyprince 1 week ago

ive always used neocities editor i dont see whats wrong with it tbh

sclptures 1 week ago

@yourpuppyprince i think its because you can't preview your code in real time

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wolfsite 1 week ago

yeah, neocities doesn't have a preview and if I accidently delete a file I don't have a backup. I'm still drawn to working within neocities editor though, not sure what it is. maybe just because it's faster for me to update!

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