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i love your collection!!! im also a pokemon collector (piplup line + shuckle primarily) and ive been tempted to document my collection but am still unsure... i love seeing others collections so much :)
golisopod 1 day ago

THANKS SO MUCH! and yeah I would definitely encourage it! theyre always so fun to look through

thanks for 20 followers! it may not sound like much but it means the world to me!
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Po Town was updated.
6 days ago
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golisopod 6 days ago

added zoroark home & plush pages

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caught a perfect iv wimpod in go, i deserve this more than anyone
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not only are wimpod & golisopod now in pokemon go but they're also in the go tcg set. truly the summer of wimpod
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golisopod 1 week ago

I did already buy them but probably won't update the site till the english versions are out too

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