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going to be overhauling my site this week... ^__^ sorry to get out of character but i've decided i should dial it back to make it easier to update more frequently. hopefully will have a new layout soon!!
Play my Sinister Game....of Number
Greetings to the assorted beasts haunting these lands! I, in my clandestine nature, have been quite busy as of late; the past few months have been spent developing a knack for "computer programming"... Specifically for a study of 3d "game design". Apologies for my lack of correspondence; but my portal shall reawaken soon, and it may be due for an overhaul. Thank you for your patience.
A new page is available; By clicking the new 'Here' Link on the About page, you may now view 'CONTACT', a way to establish a connection to Myself, as well as procure my creative Services.
The January Update is (fashionably late) Posted. Along with a minute amount of Cosmetic Changes, the Agenda has been Updated. Enjoy and Ponder...
corru 8 months ago

thank you for posting the agenda I missed the last council meeting

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