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JSYK: My pc has been broken since the end of July, so I've been unable to do anything and will be unable to update until further notice. It's possible that I could make text-only edits to neocities mirrors of my sites, but graphical edits and updates to my bluwiikoon dot art domain are completely impossible rn. I deeply apologise.
noseclub 1 year ago

New affiliate added! Larger update still in the works; at that point I'll add a general link page for neocities mutuals and the like, too ^^

noseclub 1 year ago

Very small update for now (new affiliate link!). New stuff is in the works, and the site isn't dead - I appreciate everyone's continued patience with me!

mirage-island 11 months ago

super late comment, but i'm really glad to see your site's still kicking! both of us do, like, 1 update per year lmao (TT^TT)

Omg a new Pokemon fansite!! :D I'm excited to see what you make, your site looks amazing so far! ^^
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lixydynavolt 1 year ago

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you so much for following me back ~a month ago! I really appreciate it! :D
Small update just to say I exist and I'm doing ok! ^^ The nature of ADHD means that my web design motivation comes and goes, at times! I hope everybuddy is doing well and having a good pride month <3
pagespages 1 year ago

Glad to see you back.

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pixelglade 1 year ago

Happy pride month! :) <3 Good to hear from you!

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blu ^v^ . do u ever come back . Gryph misses u u know . i look for this Gryph drawing every day . i like the Gryphon lots
i just would like to tell you ( refering to your comment ) you are a SAINT! <3
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