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i just would like to tell you ( refering to your comment ) you are a SAINT! <3
Nice artwork. I am really impressed by your digital art abilities (I am only good for image retouching and photo collages). What program do you use? Adobe Illustrator? GIMP? Keep up the good work!
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pagespages 1 week ago

P.S: Hope all is well with your health, I just saw your posts from a couple of days ago.

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soz Gryph was emotional . thx very much u drew Gryph . u r rly nice bluwiikoon . Gryph deeply guards this image now and viewed the Gryphon many times . and likes this Gryphon lots ^v^ can Gryph use this Gryph the Gryphon drawing
noseclub 1 week ago

No problem, Gryph! Feel free to use it for whatever Gryph wants! ^^

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Update: They finally delivered my insulin (at 2pm)! I have been so hungry and unwell LOL. Thank you everyone for your emotional support! I ate food, took my meds, and I'm gonna take a nap.
sugarteara 1 week ago

sleep well you deserve it

swiftyshq 1 week ago

thank goodness!! rest well!

My siblings in neocities, send me your energy so they deliver my insulin in the morning 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Gonna have to go hospital if they don't LOL
gildedware 1 week ago

I hope they deliver it as swiftly as possible!!

pixelglade 1 week ago

I hope you get it!


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