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Cool site, always liked early Windows programs (up to and including XP), nowadays, they just are not the same. That is why my computer of choice is a seven year old Chromebook. That aside, I look forward to developments of your websites. May I have the links to them?
does anyone remember my idea of making a modern web browser that looks like netscape navigator? prob not.
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yo want a 88x31 button
kingstonxfiles 1 week ago

what does that mean?

retroworld95 1 week ago

i can make 88x31 buttons, and i can make one for you if you want

should i pay for both supporter and a custom url
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retroworld95 2 weeks ago

don't know how i'll get money in order to help pay for both because i don't have a paypal and i don't have a credit card

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xxhalfemptyxx 2 weeks ago

mood my ass has no way of being able to pay for that thing not only because i have no credit card or paypal, but also because i have no money

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