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i haven't had any will to draw since i found out my art of mocha ray was being used in an ai generated image model. im sick of being an artist. why do i bother when a machine can do this. why am i alive
mrszenigata 2 weeks ago

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry... I can't imagine how incredibly frustrating that was. These image generators have become a massive problem for artists -- art theft has been a serious issue for years, long before the creation of the internet, and it's so incredibly disappointing how accepted it's become because of the novelty of new technology. (part 1 of 2)

mrszenigata 2 weeks ago

(part 2 of 2) Don't let these thieves win, what matters more is your love of the craft and your passion in creating content of Mocha Ray. The people that rely on this technology will never experience the joy of creating, only the fleeting instant gratification of getting something generated. Stay strong, friend, we all care about you. ๐Ÿซ‚

ugly74rg37 2 weeks ago

Don't give up. Artists can still poison the image base to toss a monkey wrench into those gears.

1337nightbug 2 weeks ago

keep drawing to piss off ai bros, the ai bubble will burst and everyone will treat ai art as the trashy garbage that it is

controlcoreangel 2 weeks ago

1337nightbug is SO right. this is just a stupid techbro fad and it WILL wear off. draw out of spite!!

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kangworlds 2 weeks ago

A machine won't do it. The best counter against AI is to do what you excel at. AI doesn't have emotion or consciousness or desires, it doesn't seek "what's right". Your art will always be better, and good people will notice and appreciate the difference, you can trust my word.

pip-pepping 2 weeks ago

Im sorry this happened to you. I can only encourage you to continue making art, because even though what AIs can produce can seem impressive, it has helped me to remember that these results are only possible due to thousands of stolen works being used. Artists like you and I will never live being weighed down by an ethical quandry like AI does (... aside from the part where it steals from us).

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crepuscular 2 weeks ago

AI make new combinations of already created things, AI doesn't build things from scratch. From that perspective we still are a step beyond AI.


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