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Hey where did you get Sunshiny's Cool-Page Award? I've been needing to finally try applying to places but don't know of many who still grade personal homepages
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bytemoth 1 month ago

Yoinked it from some random archived Geocities site from '96 or '97. Same deal for the Night Owl award that was on the old site. I've actually got a small collection of these old award graphics I found amusing, but haven't made a page for them yet.

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jlehr 1 month ago

Damn, I thought there was hope in scoring more web awards lol

jlehr 1 month ago

I even made a seperate page for props and whatnot haha

thanks for mentioning me in your gaming page
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bytemoth 1 month ago

and thank you for curating your game kits - they're a fast and easy reference.

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