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bytemoth 4 months ago

This week on Website Wednesday, here's the About Page I probably should've put up before following a bunch of other sites so they actually know what I'm about, but /shrug

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bytemoth 4 months ago

Kinda feels like I just rambled out a bunch of nonsense here that only has significance to me, but hopefully this is interesting to someone. 25/41 pages complete.

PSA for Pale Moon users: marquee was removed in 28.14.0 because.. idk they felt like it i guess.
soupault 4 months ago

It should be relatively easy to replicate with CSS animations... but still, I wonder if it's really that much of a maintenance burden.

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bytemoth 4 months ago

Tried CSS before, but couldn't get it to work for anything besides leftward-scrolling marquees. Less effort on my part to just switch to a different browser lol

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x-tremeproject 4 months ago

That suck. Guess Marquee serve no point in modern days.

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