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hey you think if i sit here long enough the site will get tired of waiting for me and update itself?
personally-comfy 2 months ago

mine already does

geouniversal 2 months ago

are you staring hard enough?

Had a dream where billsworld and owlman teamed up to make a 2cool4fp-esque project dedicated to listing interesting Neocities sites with less than 100K views.
owlman 2 months ago

Funny you say that, as right now I am making a website listing website, but it's not for Neocities' sites

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Downloaded modernxp's MIDI pack. And it sure is 169k midi files just dumped into an archive, with no organization at all. When I have the folder I extracted it to open, explorer.exe uses 2.5GB of RAM and 25% of an 8-core CPU.
bytemoth 3 months ago

But you can avoid opening the folder by using Everything to search for .mid files! There's good stuff in here, but also a lot of ringtones, and newer MIDIs were apparently made by people unaware that there are instruments besides the default piano.

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