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Welcome to SoHo!
I love your site so much!! And your Freezepop shrine!! KJDSHFSDJK I used to LOVE them!!
aliceinavocadoland 1 year ago

ahhh!! thank u so much ur shrines r so sick ^_^

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Hello, We see that you are using one of our icons on your page without linking it back to our icon gallery: . This is really bad. Bad bad bad. You better link it back or else... well... Man, if you don't link back to this site ... boy, you just don't want to know what's gonna happen. Big, big trouble, that's what!
neo-neighborhoods 1 year ago

Serious Business!

sadgrl 1 year ago

Omg... thank you for pointing this out to me! I found it a while ago and had it saved in a folder. But damn... does this mean I can use more of these if I just link back to your gallery? Because these are EXACTLY what I was looking for!! <3

sadgrl 1 year ago

PS I love this whole aesthetic

thecorporation 1 year ago

Of course you can use the icons on your page! That is what they are for... just as long and you link them back! and if you don't... >:( Well that would be Serious Business and we would be forced to have you arrested by the internet police and put into internet jail!!1!

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