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I like your artwork! :)
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pleurodelinae 1 year ago

Thank you! <3

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Hi all, I'm pretty swamped with assignments so only a small update today. Two more vegan recipes to the collection and I'm slowly getting through my bookmark list of repeat recipes. :) Let me know if you try any!
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The updates I made yesterday were to add a "Favorite Anime" and "Favorite Manga" page in addition to updating the Sitemap. On Saturday I also added a Graphic Design page and updated some of the Illustration pages. Still lots more to add but I hope you enjoy looking around. :)
I did not expect to read an essay on Nosepass but I enjoyed it actually. I like hearing people's experiences with their favorite Pokemon. Your art resources page has some stuff I need to look back on like the Sugimoto style tutorial. Will definitely be checking back on your site. :) Thanks for making it it looks great
noseclub 1 year ago

Omg I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying my site!! Nosepass means a lot to me, so I definitely worked real hard to write a good essay about it. Thank you so much! :D I'm excited to see what updates your site will have, too!

I love the pixel graphics on your site, they're so cute and lively. I hope you update the site again soon.
Your artwork has such good contrast, detail, and shapes and your site is really cleanly laid out. :) Following.
murid 1 year ago

Thanks. You have a pretty nice looking website too. Followed back.

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Not having enough energy for artwork after academics is so relatable. I really enjoyed visiting your site, the lolita aesthetic is lovely.
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frillscloset 1 year ago

Just saw this! thank you for your kind words. It's a pity it happens, but we have to not let it stop us T.T

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