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Neocities isn't letting me reply on accessiblenet, so I'm responding here re:Javascript; I know some folks turn it off because Javascript is often used in privacy-violating ways on the corporate web. User experience and performance are another reason:
debtdeath 6 hours ago


hello! thanks for using my template, your modifications are super cool! your site has a great aesthetic overall, cool pixel art too. great work!
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phtmkiwami 1 week ago

thanks! i didn't expect to get a comment back

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BIG UPDATE: Friends page is done: ( and free to use buttons page: (
debtdeath 1 week ago

i've also reshuffled my homepage, and it has now a cute little button wall at the bottom.

hmmm i pushed a big update for my site and im getting errors from deploy to neocities...
debtdeath 1 week ago

fixed it! i accidentally left an .aseprite file in my public folder which made the deploy to neocities workflow freak out because its of course a forbidden file format for free neocities account hahaha

this is a request specifically for me re: webring/directory but... can you remove "debt" (and potentially also "death") from your spam word list so i can actually submit my join request? had the same issue with kale's responsive directory form LOL. you can put it back after i join if you want :)
pinkvampyr 1 week ago

ACK. i forgot about the spam words, and yeah i'm using kale's fork. try now?

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debtdeath 1 week ago

hotfixes while i toil away at my friends page during idle work breaks... i would apologise for being slow but its finally spring and its too warm and sunny to be spending my entire days indoors 🤙

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lol i thought my website was broken for keyboard-only navigation but it turns out it's just a setting on mac os that "breaks" it by default... glad to see my website is indeed nice to keyboard-only users too
so good to be inspired by so many people on here... i wasnt expecting to find a community on neocities and now im kicking myself a bit for not putting more energy in making my website sooner!
your website is cool as, will be checking out those recipes... also reminded me i wanted to make a website/art manifesto page for my own site so thank you for the indirect but also kind of direct inspiration!
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pixelglade 1 week ago

Thanks cc! I saw you're also in Australia (Brisbane here) and use a screen reader to test your site which is awesome. I still need to make further adjustments to my site. Will definitely add your button to my site (Links page) it seems like we have a lot in common plus your site design is awesome.

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debtdeath 1 week ago

yeah im a melbourne-dweller myself, nice to see fellow aussies on here :) thanks so much for the kind words!

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