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Hiya! I don't doll anymore but your bases are seriously tempting me. They're adorable (and so, so pretty!)
vampirevalentine 2 weeks ago

tysm! also stunned you made the lunaii doll maker???? legend!!

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nomorepink 2 weeks ago

:O you know of it? I thought it was long forgotten!

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vampirevalentine 2 weeks ago

dont make fun of my mormon-mommy blogger tier names im sensitive!!!

hillhouse 2 weeks ago

just added you!! i'm clementinekesh on there <3

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vampirevalentine 6 months ago

its been so long i cant remember if the thumbnails were functional when you clicked on them i swear they were ?? and they werent so artifacty :/ bleh

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vampirevalentine 9 months ago

if you saw the blog where the images were broken no you didnt


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