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Your site reminds me of a lot of old fansites and I love the banner artwork (can you tell me the artist btw I'd love to follow them on pixiv or something) :) thank you for the effort you put into this site, I think it's a success
mirage-island 1 year ago

Thank you! The banner art is actually by Ken Sugimori - I don't think he has a pixiv account haha

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I love your pixel art and the 1bit is my favorite.
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lint 1 year ago

thank you

I love your Digimonesque angel dragons. Love to see more. :)
I love the style of your site, hope you have a nice day.
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I love that you post your dreams on your site, that's really cool.
beeep 1 year ago

Thank u!! I have some really odd reoccurring dreams and places in my dreams I wanna try to map them out better

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