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Hiya, thank you for following. Your artwork reminds me a little of Hollow Knight, I think it's some of the shapes and colours maybe - anyway, hope you're having a good day
I keep thinking about showing off some of my jewelry and clothing creations along side my digital artwork. Though I also want to update my website in general. Would you guys like that?
ninacti0n 3 weeks ago

That type of stuff sounds fun, yeah!

A friend of mine updated his his ongoing story with a new installment! (Warning, it has some horror-esque elements)
inkspriteinscriptions 1 month ago

I'll also add that my friend is Christian, so you'll detect subtle elements of that in here. Also, he didn't compress his images, so you might have some longer loading times depending on how good your internet is....

flying-with-quills 1 month ago

Worms face as he asks her to rephrase the question... XD

Hello, I read some of ur articles, they are great.
inkspriteinscriptions 1 month ago

Thank you so much! <3

Last night I looked at your webcomic and I was completely hooked on it, absolutely could not stop turning the pages reading it. I was sad to see that it was put on hold but I hope that means we get to see a lot more beautiful art from you. Your style is so unique and lovely to look at, I'm especially in love with the piece with your persona and the sword in your gallery. Anyway, hope all is well, God bless. ^^
inkspriteinscriptions 1 month ago

Aww, that's so sweet of you, thank you! Yeah, unfortunately the comic won't be coming back in it's current form, but at least a few of the characters will be recycled for another project that's based off it. If you are curious to see more from me though, I do have a much shorter, but complete webcomic that is kind of a prequal to one of my current projects: God Bless you!

sweettea 1 month ago

Eeee!! Oh my gosh! Thank you! I will read this tonight! And I will be looking forward to all of your future work! ^^ Thank you thank you!

sweettea 1 month ago

I finally got to read your completed comic!! That was so lovely, the vibe was amazing and super relaxing, and your style is just so incredible and unique. Thank you so much for sharing it!! ^^

Hi again! It's been awhile! Been going through a ton of changes in my life, which I will probably write a blog post about. I do have a job now, so updates to this site will still be pretty slow, but I do wanna try poking at this again when I can!
When I next update, I'll try to fill out more of the gallery, World Building, and Webcomic pages! I have so much art and stuff I can share!
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I'm so happy to see other Christians on Neocities! When I first started out, I was only able to find a few, and others that had...questionable takes. But now more have been popping up, and it's so refreshing to see people unashamed of thier faith! To all of you who followed me, thank you, and keep fighting the good fight! God be with you all! <3
Just saw your post on churches being stagnant, and I wholeheartedly agree. While it's good to go over basics, people desperately need to move on from those basics and delve deeper into the Bible at some point. Why continue feeding milk in a baby bottle to a 20 year old? It's definitely why I've been enjoying the Bible Study group I'm in with my other friends.
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flying-with-quills 8 months ago

Exactly. It's really discouraging, too... I'm glad you have a Bible Study group!! That's so good. :)) I don't have anything like that unfortunately (my schedule is way too inconsistent) but I'm going to take a couple classes come September that will be really good for learning about God and digging in.

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