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God this is such a cool cool setup. It's so creative, you did great work with this!
Hello. Thanks for the follow. Always nice to meet other users from Ao3.
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Between here and spacehey, I must commend you on your good taste!
nefritvel 7 months ago

Thanks so much! I love the diablo reference in your header and your pet pictures <3 I'll be checking out those book-related links on your about.

wrow your site is awesome, I found it via! congrats on making a shimeji btw, i've always wanted to.
thenothingmonster 7 months ago

Thank you! Making shimejis takes a good while, but it is totally worth it in the end. B]

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wwaaaooo I love your layout so much!!
vencake 7 months ago

Thanks <3 Yours is super slick, especially your about page. I hope you got more sleep now though (I read your status updates) lol

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nefritvel 7 months ago

lmao tysm! I did indeed get more sleep so I'm on the upswing. Thangs for dropping in <3

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Hey nefritvel, hope you found something you like on my site ☺️ thanks for following! Also sorry if it's not actually loading right now, I'm in the middle of switching web hosts.
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nefritvel 7 months ago

It's a really beautiful site! I love your layout. Your art looks great, too!

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pixelglade 7 months ago

Thank you so much! Also the site seems to be working now, new update coming soon.

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anyway sorry for inundating the feed with 'hi i linked you!' messages lkdlsj. there's just so many people i added to my page all at once ;p anywho. that's one thing off my to do list
wow wow wow your site is so cool. adore your color choices both for light and dark modes! I'm taking notes. since I like your site so much, i've linked you on my page. If you want to, you're welcome to link back.
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debtdeath 7 months ago

hey! thank you so much! will be updating my button wall soon...

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