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if you have my button on your site but i don't have yours on my links page! give a lil reply here!! it's been a while since i updated it and i don't know who i'm missing!
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manyface 1 month ago

we've added you to our links page but don't think you have our button up :0

hi i really like your site!! it's very pretty and easy to use and nice and clean and it's just good. also i read your chimera poem and it's super great :D - j
owlhari 2 months ago

thank u so much :]!! ur site is super cool too!

owlharì was updated.
2 months ago
about to try remotely updating my site from my new laptop with a new program and nothing should change except the date of the "currently..." box on the homepage. Hopefully.
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owlhari 2 months ago

yipee! it worked! now to work on the actual stuff i've been planning to do >:3

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