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Omg you have isopods! I love my isopods, and I love finding other people who like them/raise them. :D Also I love your site; I linked to you a while back but I've also just adopted a Bit Byte 'cause they're really neat. :3
quesadillawizard 1 month ago

YOOOOO NICE! Thanks so much for visiting! I have powder blue and powder orange isopods!

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yo i just noticed your defunctland, offhand disney and fastpass facts link buttons!! so cool to see a fellow fan, they're some of my fav channels :D
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keysklubhouse 1 month ago

Whoa people actually look at my links? LOL That's awesome! Yeah, I love them, they're really interesting channels. :D

Hey a bug nerd! Cool! How do you feel about isopods? >_>
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roly 1 month ago


keysklubhouse 1 month ago

Sweet, I like you already!

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//sees your follower count well now I can’t follow, it’s too nice~ //pouts
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