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Ignore my update, just changing the font lol there'll be some updates soon enough tho. Rn I am kinda undecided on what to do...
I'm kind of dead on the inside when it comes to attacks but....I do always revenge, just saying.
I think I gonna d0 some re-doing soon. I surely will add a page for my little stardew valley mods that I did.
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Happy belated New Year to yall! There might be some updates to the site coming soon lol
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voidwitchcult 9 months ago

Neocities, that is not how the page looks anymore, wut. Anyway, updated page and new journal entry lol

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I dun goof'd. Just wanted to edit something and mislicked and now my ackspace and delete buttons dont delete how they're supposed to in the code editor and idk how to fix it lmao. What the heck did I do?
keysklubhouse 10 months ago

Did you hit the insert button? That messes me up sometimes.

voidwitchcult 10 months ago

@keysklubhouse You gonna laugh but it seems the actual reason was because i used a symbol that effed with the placement in some way. Idk how exactly but once I deleted it everything was fine again...I did think it was the insert button but turns out my small keyboard doesn't even have one.e

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