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Heyyyyy you guys really should check out my new website
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skelenby 3 months ago

Itsa collection of spinoff stories and other visual elements from the medieval fantasy universe of Kand'hur (being my DM's universe!!!)

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Great page. I love your RPG resources (and flattered you put my site on there).
chronicdelusionist 4 months ago

Thanks (though Courtney did the design, haha)! I really like your game, haven't had a chance to play but I love the uniqueness of the mechanics and the colour design.

I'll be honest y'all I've been working on a side project this whole time....
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"epic 10/10 need to make a page like this" Haha, which page? I updated several and I don't know which you were referring to. But thank you! :D
skelenby 7 months ago

(2 weeks later I know) The plushie one

not dead, just working on other projects rn, I'll upload them here one day, stay safe, take care, i love you

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