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your website looks inrcedible !! where do you find all of the backgrounds you use?
hi ! this site is really fun, but i'm not sure i understand the process of bonding with a says i can claim a jelly by clicking an unbonded jelly, but all the jellies listed are already bonded!
makemefeelso 3 weeks ago

In order to bond with a jelly and put the webring on your page etc you have to fill an application first (“Click Here to Bond With A Jelly!”). You can look through the jellies that haven’t been claimed yet on the pals page or the application form page will just show the table to you anyway. If you don’t like any of the listed jellies you can pick your own at

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makemefeelso 3 weeks ago

By pick your own I mean pick a new one from the Jellyneo site. And once your application has been accepted go to the pals page and copy-paste one of the embeds accordingly with the instructions on the page. If this is your first time with anything like webrings I totally understand the confusion

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betweenthewires 3 weeks ago

thank you for explaining ! :)


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