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cool site ^3^
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nickolox 2 weeks ago

thank you ^u^

your site is so pretty ;3; !!!!!!!
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sweetcharm 2 weeks ago

thank yoU ^O^!!!!

vivarism 2 weeks ago

eh? did you not realise that this was a comment you made on my page..? either way, thank you for visiting, i'm glad to hear you enjoyed your stay!!

where is the button for linking your site? XD its so cute to explore...
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sephiria 3 weeks ago

Aw thank you!! I adore your site it is beautiful!!!!!! Wow!

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sephiria 3 weeks ago

My button is here:, its also on the index it's just hidden behind a scroll box a little LOL. If it is alright with you I would love to add your button to my site as well : ) <3

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Thank you for following me!! Your website is such a delight to comb through, I love all the details you have in it! And WOW your wardrobe is such a sugary dream, your style is so cute!! ;o; I need to bite the bullet and start my own lolita wardrobe page, haha ;u;
sweetcharm 2 weeks ago

aaahh thank youuuu! whenever you do make a wardrobe page please feel free to share. maybe I can get a list of links to other cute wardrobe pages <333

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inkcaps 2 weeks ago

@sweetcharm what a cute idea, that sounds like so much fun!! I actually just started a page for lolita stuff and uploaded it yesterday, and now I'm going to start filling the links! ;u;

I found your page a few months after making my own recreation/preservation of MewHeart ^O^ Amazing to find a kindred spirit.
coolio site yo
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