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hello id like to get back to updating my website i just got discouraged among other things happening in my life. I definitely want to get back to it though.
Hi everyone, the reason I haven't been on is because I got really discouraged with my coding. I kinda suck at it and got stressed out because of not doing things right.
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there is something i am struggling badly with html/css wise. I'm not sure if someone could help me with a simple question on that or not ;v; if anyone can though much appreciated
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dokodemo 1 year ago

i could help, what's the problem?

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msdos 1 year ago

thank you @dokodemo !! I was trying to figure out how people do the whole like wrapping texts in images and stuff all on one page. My friend said it was iframes ? I'm still trying to figure things out though like how to put more than one iframe on a page where I want them which is like the big part. TLDR I dunno how to put iframes where I want them on a page ;w;

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culturalwasteland 1 year ago

What I thought of is that you could wrap an iframe within a container div and add a class/id to it, so you could customize thru css (and also drop the html container wherever you like in the html page). That might be one approach to it, hopefully

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msdos 1 year ago

@culturalwasteland thanks! I'll mess around with that :D

Just in case anyone checks my website, I know some pages give the 404 page. It's a placeholder for now because I haven't started those pages yet. Thanks!!

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