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bytemoth be like "ok gotta make the about page next" *doesn't update site for 2 months*
macedev 11 months ago

mace486 be like "ok gotta release a game" *doesn't release game for over a year*

x-tremeproject 11 months ago

x-tremeproject be like "ok, gotta finish my project" *doesn't updated project for almost year*

hoylecake 10 months ago

hoylecake be like "ok gotta make my website less ugly" *doesnt update homepage for 3 months*

a href shorthand pro tip: you can start a URL with two slashes ("//") instead of having to type https:// every time, or a single slash ("/path/to.file") for the document root ("")
heyty 11 months ago

You can use dots for relative paths; If you are already in "yoursite.neocities/path/", gonna be like: "./to.file"; "./" means from this directory; if you are in "yoursite.neocities/path/example/": "../to.file", "../" means from the parent directory... And you can add more if you need to go "back" further "../../../../another.file".

heyty 11 months ago

Also related with links: using "referrerpolicy='no-referrer'" in your tag helps a little our privacy, since the browser don't send where are you comming from when clicking a link to external websites.


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