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added a lil animation i made featuring my character vexie to my portfolio
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btw the description for Asรญ como la ves seems to be the same as Habitaciรณn 8
luchovolke 7 months ago

Whoops! Thank you for noticing and telling me. Now everything is in place, I guess :P

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ur art style is so gosh darn FUN omg, i really like how the ocs page is set up :>
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buttermilkbear 6 months ago

SORRY for the late reply omg..fhm BUT TYYYY T_T!!! im hoping on improving it, so it looks more put together LOL

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this site is so lovely! i was listening to this song as i browsed it and it fit perfectly
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blanketfort 7 months ago

aw thank you!! this is such a cute song, thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿฅบ

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encounters-ltd 7 months ago

you're welcome times two!! keep up the great work ^^

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updates: new 404 page and made the link hover affect consistent across the board
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jsyk my site is back on page 2 again
omg i ADORE exploring this site, i love the layout
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iwasarob0t 7 months ago

thank you so much!!

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encounters-ltd 7 months ago

you're welcome!!

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