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thinking of getting supporter so i can make a site for my vocaloid stuff specifically ...
hareryuu 2 weeks ago

i like ... barely vocaloid tho hjfkjh ... does it justify it ....

hades obtained u_u
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hareryuu 3 weeks ago

*oh no this game is so freaking fun oh its so good why did i wait this long*

gamers should i buy hades . is it really That good
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sinistersuns 3 weeks ago

YES 100% i thought i wouldn't like it because of one of the core mechanics of the game being, essentially, redoing the same 4 levels over and over, but it's actually incredibly fun bc of the upgrades you get and the characters and story in general UGH it's so good. plus there's multiple canon gay characters and a good amount of the characters are POC!

hareryuu 3 weeks ago

re: @sinistersuns (do @ s work on here..?) OK SEE CAUSE LIKE . I've been playing Noita so i'm not Opposed to the constant death cycle but with Noita one of my main issues is that it's just a little Too unforgiving (like... I'd like if there were some things that carried over) but if there's permanent upgrades (if i'm reading that right) :flushed: ... and I really like greek mythology so! I'll give it a try then u_u

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sinistersuns 3 weeks ago

re: hareryuu (doesn't look like they do, rip) yeah there's definitely perma upgrades! you can unlock better versions of weapons, get permanent ability upgrades from the mirror in zagreus's room, and if you give nectar to the gods they'll give you these charms that give you boosts when you equip them! I wouldn't say the game is fast paced but the progression feels really nice imo

hareryuu 3 weeks ago

re: sinistersuns OK COOL ^^ omg awesome see LOL with noita i'm used to just not getting the weapons i want and like ... i'm bad at games LMAO so I like being able to pick something specific. I'm fine with that!! (Also i didn't mention @ your last message -- ran out of space -- omg a diverse cast iconic. I've seen art ofc but i didn't know there was canon gay tm)

hareryuu 3 weeks ago

re: sinistersuns BTW if you want you can totally hit me up on twitter neocities isn't ideal for convos LOL...

pleurodelinae 3 weeks ago

i've been enjoying hades a lot so i recommend it !!

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lots of exciting vocaloid news for those who follow my site for that ... will write about it tonight!

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