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pomelo 1 week ago

these are all so beatiful, the mythology and forest critters are my favorite, that golden bow and arrow..... it activates my almonds i need it

cloveratelier 1 week ago

I always love getting to check out the updates to your Life Makeover page whenever they pop up, your creations are seriously so pretty ;__;

cabbagesorter 1 week ago

thank you pom!! i love the artemis fit so much too... such a shame i missed out on that bow ingame!!!

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cabbagesorter 1 week ago

@cloveratelier hehe thank you im glad you enjoy my lm updates, mostly because i feel like im spamming them too often sometimes but i love to create outfits in this game so much lmao

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pomelo 1 week ago

beautiful* lol. aww thats a shame! hopefully they will add it back in at some point!

vivarism 1 week ago

the skating pose is so cute!!! i love the drama of it all, and the way she owns her fail... are there any other dynamic poses you really like? i'd love to see more footage of them, and more lm updates in general. who cares if there's a lot of them? youre obviously having fun!!!

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cabbagesorter 1 week ago

thank you flonne!! yes i love good expressive poses, its a shame most others are just very "proper" instead. I'll post my other favourites with my future outfits hehe

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strawberryreverie 1 week ago

somehow missed the peter griffin cosplay, that's hilarious! the forest outfits you made are really divine, they look like guardians of their domain. and that fall in the video! almost as if she did it on purpose to endear you to her.

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cabbagesorter 1 week ago

hahah ty!! im glad the forest critters were a hit i enjoyed making both outfits a ton hehe and indeed the fall animation is so endearing...

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