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Also, it's been 6 months since I updated my page! Hello again. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I have had a lot going on the past 6 months.
Updated my "art" page to reflect my current collection. It's such a pain trying to link to all of my art online because I don't have it very well organized and I hardly ever post art on anything other than socials these days. Maybe one day I'll organize my stuff better so that it's cleaner to view on my site.
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neat layout, I love ur photography!
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Now you can watch TV (! But be careful... Some of the channels are a little creepy...
petdiary 9 months ago

Best viewed within my frames

beeep 9 months ago

Wow..I am obsessed with this, such a cute idea!!!

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ashsabol 2 months ago

love this!

Thanks for following! Your Hobonichis are so cute! I hope you like the Jibun Techo. I've stuck with the Hobonichi Cousin for years, so I'm curious to see how you like it! :)
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petdiary 9 months ago

Thank you!! I am so excited to start using it! :-D I'm so devoted to the Hobonichi though, I can't see myself ever straying too long lol

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Oooo thank you for the follow! Really loving your site so far!
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petdiary 9 months ago

Thank you!! <3

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Your site is sooooo pretty, I love the design style so much!
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syntheticfruits 9 months ago

thank you so much!!!! :D

Your site is so cute!
I haven't updated in a while (3 wks) so maybe today will be the day that I work on my site again :-)

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