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rebthejuvey 9 hours ago

yeah, i played it quite a bit to test it and that was about the time that i'd finish it too

hey man, i finished that doom map that i was talking about, it's up on my doom wads page if you want to check it out.
dann 13 hours ago

Perfect. I'll check it out

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Linkbacks have been updated. As always, if you have a new or altered 88x31, let me know.
lurk-n-leech 3 days ago

ayo i have a new button!

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iosion 3 days ago

hi! i was azamas (who managed the site salsa collective), but i renamed myself to iosion, and my site is now named the stars in the abyss! i also have a new button to go along with it

ratworld 3 days ago

thanks for adding my button, its truly an honor!

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grandi 2 days ago

Hey, i just made a button for my website, it's at the bottom of my homepage.

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dicedliver 2 days ago

ive made a second button, you can use whichever one you prefer though!

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dann 2 days ago

Thanks. I'll make the updates soon.

vampirecore 2 days ago

my buttons on my page, if you'd like to add it!

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hello Dann! glad to know that my website is part of your neocities user link page, just wanted to let you know that i (as of recently) made proper buttons for my page ! you can find them in the index if you want to replace the button that you're currently using... have a nice day/night!
dann 4 days ago

Got it. I will update that now.

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