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Minor CSS update. The nav buttons should remain properly centered under the monitor across different screen aspect ratios now. Before they went noticeably off-center if you resized the window in some ways.
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Just discovered this site a few hours ago, and hot damn is this amazing. I haven't finished everything there is just yet but it's been a blast going through it all. What did you use to make this? I was very pleasantly surprised when the game turned into a danmaku-rpg/Deltarune sorta system. It's crazy to me that something of this caliber is not only hosted on a webpage, but is also free.
hydromecha 3 weeks ago

Almost forgot to mention this, but the save exporting system is really cool. Kinda reminds me of how a lotta retro games like Megaman used passwords.

corruworks 3 weeks ago

hello friend, thanks for the kind words!!! + thanks 4 playin!! this is all some homemade vanilla JS/CSS/HTML! it's mostly CSS all da way down... The Devil's 3D Rendering Engine. with any luck the rabbit hole will soon deepen

hydromecha 1 month ago

Fixed things breaking on zoom out and also scaled the main monitor/iframe up so things are hopefully a little easier to read.

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wow... nice website...
hydromecha 1 month ago

wait a minute,,,,,, I know this guy

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