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42,700 views, hehe.. get it?? because 427 is employee 427 from the stanley parable-
1 like got a preview for ninertynine, it's pretty much the same thing, just slightly modified, though it's still unfinished...
rotaryphoney 3 days ago

btw im kinda starting to code things, though the code is messy, and im pretty horrible... ehehe...???????

rotaryphoney 3 days ago diagram thing for what i plan to do with each element i guess

might do another site revamp, but i'll be planning it carefully, so just check out some available pages while i brainstorm for this website
currently this website has 42,069 views, cool
didn't realize but 3002 updates!! woweee
major overhaul for the index, no longer that gradient used for hfjone wooooo (still has the same premise thing)
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