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Ugh, just realized I never added a link back to you. Sorry about that. Fixed.
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nostalgic 1 month ago

Added you to my mutuals section!

Would it be easier to add the neocities generated thumbnail, so each site automatically updates the preview. Might save you a step manually creating a thumbnail and having to host it. Mine is something like:
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neocities486 1 month ago

oooh nice idea!

dann 1 month ago

The two numbers in the middle will be different for everyone, so that prevents easy copy and paste, but you can right-click on their profile and copy the image link in any case. (or one of the updates in their feed)

Quick note, my profile link goes to billsworld at the moment.
2cool4fp 1 month ago

fixed! thanks for saying so

dann 1 month ago

Just a copy and paste issue. Happens to me all the time.

Started a spin-off site to archive some websites lost to time. Mainly from people I once knew in the internet stone age, so hopefully it's all in good faith.
Thanks for the follow!!! Your site is so nostalgic!! The kind of chaos everyone need in their lives!!
dann 1 month ago

Thanks. I started off trying to make a 90's style site like my original one, but got carried away.


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