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Second playthrough. Seems like most was fixed, and I actually explored the first level more this time. Only things standing out on Map02, are missing triggers for any lift that leads down (but the triggers to return are there), and the two secret rooms right next to the exit don't seem to be accessible.
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rebthejuvey 1 week ago

ah no its just that you have to press enter before you get on the lift so it will work

dann 1 week ago

I might make it a walkover trigger rather than switch, just so it's more intuitive

Played through Battleground. Here's some footage. I wasn't able to complete Map02 though. Seemed some areas just didn't connect.
rebthejuvey 1 week ago

ok then. im editing maps now so ill see what i can do then put it up here

dann 1 week ago

The main issues were with a few rooms that had a lift going down into them, but no return path. I think the blue key should be the red key, so you can then progress and get to the yellow. The blue door should probably just be a secret rather than keyed.

rebthejuvey 1 week ago

yeah, i realised about the red key last night and am putting the hopefully better version up in a few minutes

New mini article is up since I can't hold off Halloween any longer.

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