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vivarism 9 months ago

It really is painful to imagine the "normal" men around you unleashing vitriolic misogyny online... It's that whole thing, right? About never being sure who you can trust? In any case it can be very angering and it sucks that you haven't found a welcoming place to discuss your country's current events, especially when male violence is on the rise and women need more support.

vivarism 9 months ago

But no! As usual we get sidelined for dick havers and genderspecials... (btw "begendered people" made me laugh a lot) I'm glad you can talk about it here in your diary at least. I felt better, too, reading that you felt good getting it off your chest.

22yk01 9 months ago

same thing here, i refused to check my country's subreddits (or forums in general) because we're having the same crisis, we hear these news multiple times a week and it gets more harrowing than this, politicians push victim blaming to the point that they made international/extra-european news. no matter the political stance, no one is siding with us or the victims.


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